The original lock from Sopron

CommerceOur trade policy is based on the recognising and serving the needs of our customers


Euro-Elzett Ltd. delivers its products to its users and customers in Hungary through the following channels:

- Wholesalers, hardware shops, Euro-Elzett outlets, supermarkets

- Door manufacturers (Wooden, steel, aluminium, PVC)


Our company is open towards international markets as well. Euro-Elzett sells out 60% of its nearly 2 billion HUF turnover on the export markets:

- Western-Europe

- Middle-Europe

- Eastern-Europe

- Baltic countries

- Africa

- Middle-East


Our partners

Domestic partners

Foreign partners

If you would like to buy Euro-Elzett products form the most accomplished hands or you need information, please feel free to contact one of the following Euro-Elzett dealers. They are awaiting you with a wide variety of products and professional assistance.


In Hungary, our company sells its products with the help of contracted wholesale partners. If you would like to purchase Euro-Elzett products for your business, please choose from the following wholesalers.


Foreign partners

Our company is connected with trading companies all around Europe, that sell a wide variety of Euro-Elzett products. They can serve casual requests as well as purchases of distributors or manufacturers.