The original lock from Sopron

About us

Our history

The building of the Iron Factory Ltd. stood on its place before the foundation of the factory. János Weitzer, an Austrian manufacturer established a Machine-, Wagon factory and Iron foundry there, in the second half of the XIX. century. But his factory wasn’t successful, suffered losses through the years, so in 1901 he decided to sell it with all the connecting buildings and the machinery to the – established in 1901 – 'Hardware Factory PLC. Sopron-Graz'. The company, which was found on 24th July 1901 set its aim as follows: „The aim of the company is to take over and operate the Hardware-factory Sopron which is in possession of the „Lapp Brothers Company Graz” with all the machines, equipment, materials, half finished products and stock of the overtaken factories, and the to be established or organised other workshops and the manufacture and sale of different hardware and similar products. The seat of the company is in Budapest. The name of the firm in Hungarian is: Vasárugyár Rt. Sopron-Graz. In the year of establishment, the production mainly started with ironwork of doors and windows. In the 1920s and 1930s they improved the production of heavy building locks and they expanded the product range with case locks, strap-hinges for windows, doors and gates, as well as joint hinges. To this time the firm already exported its products to five countries. Besides the lock and fitting manufacturing, the production of sheet-iron goods became important at this time as well (cookers, ovens, etc..). In the middle of the 30s started the manufacturing of furniture-locks and ironworks as well as enamelled cookers. After the World War II the factory got into soviet possession and in the year of 1952 it was transformed to the Hungarian state. In 1958 the firm was united with the Elzett Hardware Factory in Budapest. After that, during the union of the Sheet-metal Industrial Works and the Elzett Hardware Factory in 1965, they attached the Needle Factory of Sopron and the Knife Factory of Lövő to the company. (The reorganised company continued its expanded activity as Factory of the Works Elzett in Sopron). The year 1986 has a great importance in the history of the firm, when in consequence of the industrial reorganisation, the company became independent again, and was functioning – keeping its trade name – as Elzett Lock- and Ironwork factory. In the 70s and 80s the profile got settled and changed a bit. Henceforward, the main profile was the manufacturing of locks and iron fittings for windows and doors. In the middle of the 80s another big step forward was made, based on the licence bought from the German firm Roto, the company began to manufacture of very modern window – and door- fittings. The new technology and techniques made high quality standards, a decisive factor. After the end of communism in the country, during the privatisation, Roto Frank AG from Germany and the French Securidev Groupe S.F.P.I gained the ownership of the company with a 50-50 percentage holding in the capital. From 1st January, 1996, the lock manufacturing with 100 years of tradition in the city is being continued by Euro-Elzett Ltd under the exclusive ownership of the Sécuridev Group. At the present time, Euro Elzett has 150 employees with a turnover of almost 2 billion HUF, taking a leading place in the Hungarian building lock producing market.


Our present activity:

  • On the basis of our long distance production-improving program we place new lock-families on the market every year,

  • We train our colleagues continuously; we regularly send them to extension trainings,

  • Besides supplying the Hungarian market, we improve our position on the European market every year.


With the help of constant market research, product- and production development and  our extensive commercial and representative network, our European presence continously grows stronger. From year to year we represent a growing share on the market in each country, especially on the Hungarian market.

We are working on the development of new products, aiming to serve existing and new markets as well. Besides that we are constantly modernizing, improving and customizing our earlier products.

Our goal is to keep the performance-price ratio of our products on optimal levels to be able to comply with the ever-changing denűmands of the market.



Our objectives:

  1. Constant improvement of our products to meet with the demands of the market,

  2. To develop new products to be able to serve new markets,

  3. To continously increase the satisfaction of our partners and end users.

Quality policy


We are operating a certified quality system

Our objective is to consistently create high quality products to meet the expectations of our customers.

  • We operate and develop our Quality Management System to meet the requirements of the ISO ISO 9001:2008 standard.
  • Our goal: To know, define and fulfill the needs of our (current and future) customers
  • We develop our products and technology in comformity with our customers’ needs.
  • We are paying particular attention to receive high quality raw materials from our suppliers, so by using them we are able to produce reliable and lasting products
  • Quality management is not only the directorate’s but every workers’ duty and responsibility. Every colleague is responsible for the quality of their work and for the continuous improvement.
  • To get our employees acquinted with the QMS
  • To delineate our quality policy an quality goals
  • We provide regular training and education for our employees
  • We are committed to create a clean and orderly work environment


The management of the Ltd. takes full commitment to serve the needs of our customers, toachieve our quality goals, and to successfully operate the Quality Management System.

Our certified and calibrated instruments provide adequate guarantee for our existing and new products to meet the allotted requirements.

Technical background

Euro-Elzett uses exactly 10% of its annual turnover to make new investments, in order to maintain the technological quality of the automatic punching-machines, to increase the production capacity, to create new instruments and to achieve our goal: The increasing of our market-readiness.